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Fiat 500 (2014-2022 / 500 X) There are three ways to connect your smartphone to the Uconnect multimedia system of your Fiat 500X. The first method is via the usb port. Being equi. Fiat 500 (2014-2022 / 500 X) In this video we show you how to update the maps of the TomTom of the Fiat 500 X.

28. May 16, 2021. #1. Hi my girlfriends daughter has a 500 on a 2015 plate. Twinair turbo with a 0.9 engine. The aux. blue and me and radio works fine but the USB cable to charge phone doesn't work at all. Have reset blue and me and checked fuse (f85)but no joy. Have also done the battery removal for 20 mins but no joy.


8 Jul 31, 2013 #1 I recently bought a used 2012 Fiat 500 POP. and Oddly, it doesn't come with a usb port except for an aux port. What I have in mind was that I found a wrecked fiat 500 sport (,which has a usb port and an aux port) and was going to get the radio and the usb port from that car.

高品質の usb fiat 500 がAliExpressで世界中へ送料無料.

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Connect new port. If it's the later unit with an aux port as well it's an easy swap out of complete unit. Again YouTube guide and spare off eBay. I'm a Forum Ambassador and I support the Forum Team on the Shopping and Freebies, Phones and TV and Over 50s boards. If you need any help on these boards, do let me know. Category 500 500L 500X Bravo Doblo Panda Past Models Punto Qubo. Insert your USB Device directly into the USB Port in the vehicle and turn on the vehicle ignition. The vehicle will automatically detect the update on the device and start the update process.